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Watts Projects logo A quality company built with quality people

Secondary Containment

Watts Projects is a full service secondary containment provider offering a full range of containment solutions.

Facility Construction

We've been building quality facilities in Alberta & Saskatchewan since 1996 and continue to build up-to-date superior facilities today.

Pipeline Construction

North, south and central Alberta, we complete successful pipeline projects on time and with excellent safety standards.

Mulching Services Mulch any job on any terrain


Facility Construction for Taqa North Ltd near Brazeau Dam  


Facility Construction Facility Construction for Angle Energy


Facility Construction Facility Construction for Angle Energy


We believe in success through teamwork.

completing projects efficiently, safely, and in an environmentally friendly manner while keeping our clients needs first.
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what we do

  • Pipeline Installation
  • Piping Projects
  • Mulching
  • Compression Facilities
  • Pumpjack Installation & Servicing


Up-To-Date, Safe, Reliable

Our equipment is up-to-date, and therefore closely monitored and maintained by our team of highly qualified mechanics, to ensure our equipment is safe and reliable for every project.


Safety & Quality Control

committed to safety excellence in every operation of the company. By working together, workers, contractors, supervisors and managers can keep the workplace accident free.